Welcome to the North Carolina Judicial Branch New Employee Orientation

In order to make your transition to the Judicial Branch as seamless as possible, we have developed this site to help you get the most important items associated with your employment taken care of immediately. They fall into the following categories:

  • An Overview of the North Carolina Court System
  • Policies
  • Salary Administration
  • Payroll
  • Benefits

You will be guided through the New Employee Orientation site by clicking on the arrows in the bottom corners of your screen; right-hand arrows advance you to the next screen while left-hand arrows allow you to go back and review the previous page. Each section of the Orientation contains items which require completion, either by filling out a form or acknowledging that you have read and understand Judicial Branch policies. All forms will open in a separate window for you to complete; once you have completed and printed your form please close the form window to return to the Orientation page. You MUST have pop-up windows enabled in your browser in order to complete your orientation. Remember that you must complete all items that are presented to you in order to be entered to payroll and receive any benefits afforded to you.

Click on the arrow in the lower right-hand corner to begin.

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